Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chiron & Moon Gong & Tibetan Bowl Event

Now, when you attend any of my Sound Healing Concerts, in addition to a wonderful collection of ancient Tibetan singing bowls, Planetary Moon gong and other harmonic instruments, you will hear the powerful sound of a Planetary Chiron Gong. This spectacular instrument is huge- 32" and tuned to a more recently discovered Centaur Planet Chiron- also known as the healing planet. Chiron was an unusual Greek Centaur who gained respect as a healer and mentor. He modeled responding to adversity by seeing it as a teacher, rather than by violence as most centaurs did. Astrologically, the planet Chiron is associated with healing, transformation, spiritual growth and being of service. This gong calls up in all of us the very attributes we need in this extremely volatile and tumultuous time on the planet. Next concert is Jan 25, 7pm at 30 for Life, 2801 Roosevelt St.B. (Behind Wine Spot), Carlsbad, CA $20 by 1/18 $25 after 760 730-3303. Please send in a comment and visit my website at

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sound Healing Interview with Diane Mandle on BBS Radio

Listen to this great interview with Diane Mandle by Jan Cercone on BBS Radio. Jan is on staff at the Globe Institute in San Francisco. This interview focuses on some of the more subtle elements of sound healing with the sacred sound instruments and on Diane's unique approach to healing. Visit my site to learn more about Sound Healing.
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Tibetan Bowl and the Dog

In Phoenix a few weeks ago, I was giving a Tibetan bowl workshop for a group of healers and veterinarians. One had a dog who recently had surgery and was wearing a cast on one leg. She asked me if she could bring the dog into the room during the sound healing meditation and cautioned me that he was very 'sound sensitive". The group decided it would be fine and as I had given a concert for dogs in the past felt that he would swiftly settle down and enjoy the meditation with everyone else. He was very agitated when he came in, sniffing, moving around, and generally doing everything but settling down. No matter, thought I, he will succumb in a moment. I began to play for the group. He appeared more agitated and would not stay stay down even with his master draped over him. The group was ignoring him and most everyone seemed to be able to, despite him, find a still point. But I was curious at his continued agitation. I finally took my large grounding bowl and began to sing it softly as I got up. "This is for you"I thought as I slowly walked toward him. Then he did an amazing thing. He looked at me for the first time, right in the eyes and never dropped his gaze. We were as if hooked together through the eyes. He backed down to his haunches and put his head on his front paws still looking at me and didn't move until I had finished. There was absolutely no doubt that he knew this moment was specifically for him. My even gentle striking of several bowls before was too much for him, He liked a single bowl; this single bowl. And he wanted the playing of it to be directed at him, not the group. He had been invited into the room as a special guest and he wanted his due! Everyone else, feeling the silence came out of their meditations and looked at us. When I finished playing no one moved, including him, until I finally dropped the gaze to resume the workshop. It was a glorious experience. Please send in your comments and visit my website

Thursday, October 4, 2007

How To Clear Space With Sound Using Tibetan Bowls & Tingshas

Now you can use the ancient art of Tibetan sound healing to transform your own space and that of others! Reknown sound healer and author of Ancient Sounds for a New Age, Diane Mandle has created this complete instructional e-book course designed to help you learn all the basic aspects of using sound to clear space. And there is plenty of room for you to add your own elements to the process. Even if you're a total beginner, you'll get immediate and powerful results from simply following Diáne's easy to follow instructions. These ancient instruments were created for consciousness transformation and they bring that energy into each and every space clearing session you conduct. These sacred sound instruments have great innate power for healing and transformation. Sound combined with the other space clearing tools, guided visualizations, clear questions and procedures, will produce powerful results in a way you could not imagine.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sound Healing Concert Tour

Diane Mandle On tour with Sarasvati's Dream. Here is the schedule. Don't miss the concerts.

Oct 5,
Sarasvati's Dream, 7pm Serinity Yoga, Diane weaves transcendent harmonics of precision-tuned Tibetan bowls, Moon and Wind gongs and other Sacred instruments with a Spectacular dance of moving light forms creating overtones and rhythms of sacred sound. She tells the story of the Ancient bowls and the healing they bring.720 E 22nd St, Yuma AZ 928-344-0078 Bring a mat. $20 advanced, $25 at the door.

Oct 6 Sarasvati's Dream,6pm Unity of Phoenix,1500 E. Greenway Parkway Phoenix, AZ 602-978-3200 Ext. 333 $20 advanced $25 at the door. BRING A MAT.

Oct 7,Sarasvati's Dream, 6pm, Yoga Pura 15440 N. 7th Street, Ste 1, Phoenix 602-843-7872 for tix info.


October 13, Sarasvati's Dream, 7 pm, Unitarian Church 73 Howe Rd Port Angeles, WA. Contact Dee Darst 360-457-0623 $20 advance, $25 at the door.

Oct 14
, Sarasvati's Dream, 3:30 pm, Port Townsend, Masonic Temple,1338 Jefferson St. $20 advance, $25 at the door. Dee Darst 360-457-0623

Oct 16 Sarasvati's Dream, 7pm Tacoma, Crystal Voyage 2601 East D St , #201 253-272-4367 $20 advance, $25 at the door.

Oct 17 Sarasvati's Dream, 7pm Tumwater,WA(near Olympia) Heart of Wellness, 205 Clark Pl 360-534-4716 $20 advance, $25 at the door.

Oct 18 Sarasvati's Dream, 7:45pm Portland, OR Yoga Bhoga 1401 SE Morrison St 503-422-6230 $20 advance, $25 at the door.

Oct 19 Sarasvati's Dream 7pm,Ashland, Ananda Center 300 E Hersey #10 (Near Dance Space) Amber: 541-227-8990 $20 advance, $25 at the door.

Oct 20 Sarasvati's Dream 7pm Mt Shasta, The Flying Lotus 315 South Mt Shasta Blvd, 530-926-0527 $20 advance, $25 at the door.

Oct 21 Sarasvati's Dream The Globe Institute 7pm 739 Bryant St 415-777-2486 San Francisco $20 advance, $25 at the door.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Cancer Center Video

It is a good day when complimentary therapies are integrated into the mainstream. Cancer patients are receiving state of the art care at the San Diego Cancer Center. In addition to their traditional treatments they are offered my Tibetan bowl sound healing, acupuncture, massage, chi-gong and more. It is incredible when people come into my room connected to their chemo equipment and leave feeling like they don't have cancer at all because they are so relaxed and have connected to their wellness. Look at the video:( just after the Navy Blurb) There are links to the Cancer Center under the ‘Links’ tab above the info box. Visit my website at

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Single Bowl Technique

Breathing the Bowl is a simple yet powerful technique of playing Tibetan Singing bowls that enhances the texture, sound, and most importantly- your relationship with the bowl. In a recent class I offered at the San Diego Cancer Center participants were given bowls and shown how to sing them. They were determined to make the bowls sing. After several minutes of listening to chattering bowls and seeing signs of frustration I signaled the group to stop. I guided them into a meditative breath that had extended, audible exhalations. When people seemed to be in their breath I invited to keep the focus on the breath and begin to sing the bowls as an extension of self. The sound came up softly and slowly. The room was enveloped in rich, beautiful tones that felt soothing and peaceful. When we ended I asked what the difference was between the first and second attempt at playing the bowls. They reported that the 2nd time they felt the vibration throughout their entire bodies, a deep sense of peace, joy and that healing was happening. They said they felt there was no separation between the sound and the self. The first time the bowls were played as objects to be conquered. When we play the Himalayan bowls as an invitation to sound - the experience is expansive and nourishing and it is possible to feel the Oneness with the sound. Visit my site at:

Friday, September 7, 2007

Book Review:The Healing Power of Sound

The Healing Power of Sound by Dr.Mitchel Gaynor is like the sound healers bible. Dr. Gaynor started using sound many years ago when he met a Tibetan monk and was awed by the sound of the instruments and the effect on his body/mind/spirit. The book is an exploration into his personal transformation from traditional medicine to a more holistic approach and the research and work he has done with cancer patients over the years. Although I am an advocate for using the ancient Himalayan singing bowls rather than the modern glass ones, Gaynor uses them both along with toning and visualization for effective and healing treatments for his patients. If you are only going to get one book on sound healing... I would choose this one. For more information, services and products focusing on sound healing visit

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New CD Finally Ready

It has taken so so long but Sarasvati's Dream, my new CD is finally available. It was quite a journey to make the CD and the first one made with other wonderful musicians who contributed their gifts of vocals and digereedoo to the effort.

Sarasvati's Dream is quite different from my first CD (Return to OM) in that it was truly conceived of as a dream scape and so is more atmospheric then OM which was created to be more therapeutic. I will have sound clips available soon. Just wanted to share my excitement with y'all!!

Sound Healing Interview

Here is a recent interview from Aug 21 on Achieve Radio. Sorry but the link is kind of long butit will get you into the discussion. We talk about the healing properties of the Himalayan singing bowls, my journey to work with these instruments, work at the San Diego Cancer Center, difference between the metal and the crystal bowls, and more. About 50 minutes. Please send in your comments!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Help Needed for Stewardship Tour

Hello Bloggers

I hope you enjoy this blog.. and maybe can become part of an exciting project. I seek a great environmental non-profit to partner with for my projected May 2008 national tour. I also seek the donation or the loan of a energy efficient van to tour in for 8 weeks. If you want to help in any way- please contact me. I am just starting the process. PLEASE post your ideas and comments here too. I would love to hear from you. Here is the plan:

Sarasvati’s Dream- The Stewardship Tour

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. --- Margaret Mead

Goal: To raise consciousness and acquire commitments from people regarding simple steps they can take to preserve resources and be peaceful stewards of the planet.

Method: A national concert tour of Sarasvati’s Dream (see below). Departing from San Diego in a donated fuel efficient vehicle, travel to Atlanta, GA, then up east coast to Portsmouth New Hampshire, returning to San Diego via the northern route. I am requesting $25,000 in sponsorships plus the car and the alternative fuel, from people and companies who are dedicated to the preservation of the resources and beauty of our planet. Major sponsors will be advertised on the vehicle and others via media, in concerts and on printed materials. Sponsors will also be invited to supply items for sale or as samples that are in keeping with the goal. A percentage of the revenue will be donated to EarthSeeds ( All donations will be tax deductible.

Sponsorship monies will cover:

Tour manager to confirm media coverage, book venues during tour.

Printing of Resource Preservation Packets distributed engaging peoples commitment to simple, effective steps everyone can take to preserve or planet.

Partial underwriting of some concerts ($250 per concert)

Donations to include:

Energy efficient vehicle

Alternate fuel for vehicle

Occasional accommodation

The Tour: Sarasvati’s Dream is a sound healing concert of Tibetan bowls, gongs and other harmonic instruments that relieves people of stress and brings them into an experience of extreme well being. This peaceful and blissful state is something people deeply need and desire to expand in their lives. At the end of the concert Diane will speak about the tour, good stewardship and invite participants to keep the good vibration going by creating a community that protects our resources and nurtures the planet. We will hand out materials and offer products to support this effort.

The Sarasvati’s Dream Stewardship Tour is projected to begin in May 2008. Sarasvati, originally a Hindu Goddess is now honored in many traditions as the goddess of beauty, prosperity and culture. She began her life in the Himalayan regions of northern India as a great river that flowed into the Indian Ocean. Considered divine, her banks flourished with institutions of higher learning, art, culture and lush vegetation. People bathed in her waters, considered to be a conduit between the earth and the divine. However, over time she was stripped of her resources as people took from her, never giving back. Now all that remains of this river is a vast and barren desert. Our entire planet is now at risk. We need to spread messages and actions of good stewardship that lead to more effective protection of our resources. Please be one of the people or organizations that help to make this tour possible.

Please contact Diane Mandle at 760-944-3441

Monday, August 20, 2007

How Sound Helps in the Healing Process

Healing is a movement from disharmony to harmony and the ability to perceive of oneself and ones situation from and in a much larger perspective (divine awareness) It is movement from duality to non-duality; a process where we are released from an ego centered finite perspective of ourselves in the world and move into our essence where our vibratory energy is connected with the universe. The journey of healing is a spiritual awakening that has profound consequences on our physical well being. As we awaken, our perspective shifts. As our perspective shifts, our vibration shifts. As our vibration shifts, our cellular make up shifts. The shifts can not occur as separate entities- they affect the whole of who we are and extend infinitely. This link between body and spirit has been much ignored by the medical profession but the link is quite clear.

Sound connects our body and spirit. How? We know that different pulses stimulate different brainwave centers and that we can create brainwave entrainment through a process of sympathetic resonance.We normally entrain or fall into vibrational step to the strongest vibrations in our immediate environment. Our body is a perfect transmitter of vibration, being 70% water. Further, nerve bundles in our spine transmit vibrational sensory data to our brain and limbic system ( emotional processing center) so placing bowls directly on the body significantly increases their effectiveness.

These bowls stimulate the pea-sized pineal gland in our brain stem, a light sensitive gland that is directly connected with our third eye and when activated becomes the line of communication with higher planes of consciousness. There is still a great deal to learn about the Pineal gland but one fascinating piece of information is that to activate the Third Eye, the Pineal Gland must vibrate in unison with the Pituitary body(located in center of skull). The Pituitary, links the endocrine and nervous system, releases hormones which affect growth and metabolism and sexual development. This gland presides over our autonomic system that regulates breathing, swallowing, heartbeat and other automatic functions. So to open the latch to higher planes of consciousness, this gland that is deeply rooted in things physical is has to vibrate in synch with the mystical Pineal gland. The spiritual and physical locked together. How is this Synchrony achieved? Through deep relaxation, and Theta meditative states such as achieved with the sound of the bowls. It is said that “as human beings continue to evolve further out of matter, on the journey from spirit to matter, back to spirit, the pineal gland will continue to rise from its state of age-long dormancy, bringing back to humanity astral capacities and spiritual abilities.

Please send your comments,ideas and questions. I want to hear from you.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I thought you might like to see some pix of the latest adventure. We biked 200 miles in 7 days up to 3600' in a loop that went from Nelson, BC , to Beauford, Kaslo, Winlaw, Castlegar and back to Nelson. The ride is spectacular but lots of steep hills. There are plenty of places to jump into the ice cold water and cool off. The last leg of the journey was biked in 108 degree scorching heat...But it was worth every moment. The New Zealand trip was a hiking pilgrimage and the air was filled with the sound of exotic birds. British Columbia is filled with the sound of running water.. Every kind, lakes, streams, babbling brooks, gurgling river beds, gushing rivers, waterfalls.. Every kind of water sound you can imagine follows you along this bike route.. A feast for the eyes and ears!

Sound Healing Workshops at Cancer Center

Wow. I am excited. Just returned from a revitalizing bike trip in BC, Canada and am ready to offer some upcoming workshops at the San Diego Cancer Center. The workshops combine breath work, which is a vital part of helping clients there focus on self with intention, release toxins, and get into present moment. Between the effects of chemotherapy and the stress of having cancer it is easy to spin off into fear and be 'out of the body'. Breath work is like an anchor that keeps bringing us back to ourselves. If we can keep bringing ourselves back to it, then we are better containers for the healing sounds of the Tibetan instruments.

The workshops also combine visualizations and of course the harmonizing and soothing sound of the Tibetan bowls along with some gongs. Each workshop also has time for the participants to play the instruments and learn about their properties. I know that healing is taking ownership of all aspects of the self, so the ability to learn to use the instruments is a great way for people to engage in self healing too.

Workshops will be offered twice in July and August and then I will create a new schedule for the fall. A really exciting aspect of these workshops is that SignOn San Diego, the TV channel here will be doing a spot in their news hour on July 18th. The more exposure this modality gets, the better. Go to my site for more information at

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Perception and Sound

A lady had a precious necklace round her neck. Once in her excitement she forgot it and thought that the necklace was lost. She became anxious and looked for it in her home but could not find it. She asked friends and neighbours if they knew anything about the necklace. They did not. At last a kind friend of hers told her to feel the necklace round her neck. She found that it had all along been round her neck and she was happy. When others asked her later if she found the necklace which was lost, she said, 'Yes, I have found it.' She still felt that she had recovered a lost jewel. Now, did she lose it at all? It was all along round her neck. But judge her feelings. She was as happy as if she had recoverd a lost jewel. Similarly with us, we imagine that we will realize that Self some time, whereas we are never anything but the Self.
From Be As You Are Teachings from Ramana Maharshi by David Godman.

This simple teaching story reminds us that our Diamond Self is always present and accessible to us. We spend so much time believing in our "stories" so that regular reminders of the "Truth" is often necessary. Recently I conducted a series of Sound Healing sessions with a person with whom there was so little dialog or feedback that it triggered some feelings of insecurity.I wondered how much the sessions were helping her. But several weeks later I got a message from another person that my client loved the sessions and was helped tremendously by them.. This reminded me that the sound of the Himalayan bowls brings us back to our Truth, to our Wholeness- with or without the dialog.

If you would like to spend a quiet moment listening to the Sound of Creation.. the sound of the Himalayan bowls.. check out my video on YouTube at: