Friday, September 7, 2007

Book Review:The Healing Power of Sound

The Healing Power of Sound by Dr.Mitchel Gaynor is like the sound healers bible. Dr. Gaynor started using sound many years ago when he met a Tibetan monk and was awed by the sound of the instruments and the effect on his body/mind/spirit. The book is an exploration into his personal transformation from traditional medicine to a more holistic approach and the research and work he has done with cancer patients over the years. Although I am an advocate for using the ancient Himalayan singing bowls rather than the modern glass ones, Gaynor uses them both along with toning and visualization for effective and healing treatments for his patients. If you are only going to get one book on sound healing... I would choose this one. For more information, services and products focusing on sound healing visit

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Unknown said...

Sound healing is a process of alleviation pain and healing from various illnesses like Allergy, Epilepsy and influenza. All the parts of body including the smallest tissue vibrate at certain frequency. But every illness produces its own specific frequency. By measuring these frequencies accurately and listening to the converse sound frequencies the part affected by illness can be restored. In this way your harmony of the body can be maintained. Healing with sound improves and transforms a range of physical and emotional states. It is especially effective for those with chronic illness, allergies, compulsive behavioural patterns or who are recovering from trauma and grief. There are certain sounds of the nature which relieves and rejuvenate human mind and soul like sounds of river or sea waves, waterfalls, chanting of “OM” and mantras, wind chimes and bells. Healing sounds can be incorporated into many types of healing methods, such as meditation.