Friday, September 17, 2010

We Are What We Believe

Really, it is so simple to change a circumstance. We need to change our attitude and thoughts about it. That is not to say it is easy. Changing our thoughts from habitual to chosen is something we have the opportunity to practice over and over throughout our lifetime. Every challenging situation, every person we have trouble with, every circumstance we experience as negative is such an opportunity. One way to think about this is to recognize that any relationship is really a reflection of the part of you that shows up in that relationship. This includes our relationship with ourselves. This morning a quote from Beliefnet came across my desk and seemed reflect this issue.

"Whatever attitudes we habitually use toward ourselves, we will use on others, and whatever attitutes we habitually use on others, we will use on ourselves. This situation is comparable to serving food to ourselves and to other people from the same bowl. Everyone ends up eating the same thing-we must examine carefully what we are dishing out. "
-Bhante Heneopla GUnaratana- Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness"

Fortunately, we have support: Positive people, books and activities that help to shift our thinking patterns from rote to chosen train us. Sound healing sessions and meditations with the Tibetan Singing Bowls are effective in helping us to become conscious of our belief systems and actions, and to reawaken us to our true essence, which is always compassionate and loving. This is their purpose, to transform consciousness and create healing.