Sunday, December 23, 2012

Three Ways to Make Your Sound Healing Practice More Effective

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Diane Mandle Singing Tibetan Bowls
Over the past ten years I have observed students and practitioners alike with their Tibetan bowls. Whether you have one bowl or many, there are several things you can do to maximize the effectiveness of sound healing.

1. Pay attention to the Direction you are singing the bowl in. Clockwise will help either release and ground tension/ energy OR expand & strengthen it depending on the INTENTION you bring to the gesture. Counter–clockwise will help to re-awaken the energy and /or nourish a weak area.

2. Use Rhythm and Pace as you play. Slow and spaced out striking of a bowl will create a calming effect. Faster will energize. You can strike a bowl once and let the sound dissipate or several times in succession to create more energy and an enlivening atmosphere. If you have three bowls play with rhythm &pace to create different textures and see how they affect the environment.

3. Consider how when you add volume to the two practices above; that changes the energetic outcome as well. Start slow and very quiet. Try building slow and low to slow and louder. Then practice slow and low to faster and louder. Using these three methods will give you a whole new range of textures to work with as you explore the world of sound healing. My home study course, Ancient Sounds for a New Age, offers more tips and a structured approach to working with the Sacred Sound Instruments.  

Di├íne Mandle is founder of the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School and Sound Energy Healing, providing resources, services, events, and training in the use of the Tibetan Sacred Sound instruments. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Diane Mandle for the Tibetan Bowl School and offers Introductory workshops twice each year to teach students how to use the Tibetan singing bowls, gantas and tingshas ( sacred sound instruments) for energy healing, meditation and to be sound healing practitioners. These are some student testimonials.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Diane Mandle of the Tibetan Bowl School and demonstrates some master quality Tibetan singing bowls used in sound healing concerts, meditation and sound healing session. These bowls are rare and of the finest quality. Listen to how their vibrations fill the space and take you in at the same time.