Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chiron & Moon Gong & Tibetan Bowl Event

Now, when you attend any of my Sound Healing Concerts, in addition to a wonderful collection of ancient Tibetan singing bowls, Planetary Moon gong and other harmonic instruments, you will hear the powerful sound of a Planetary Chiron Gong. This spectacular instrument is huge- 32" and tuned to a more recently discovered Centaur Planet Chiron- also known as the healing planet. Chiron was an unusual Greek Centaur who gained respect as a healer and mentor. He modeled responding to adversity by seeing it as a teacher, rather than by violence as most centaurs did. Astrologically, the planet Chiron is associated with healing, transformation, spiritual growth and being of service. This gong calls up in all of us the very attributes we need in this extremely volatile and tumultuous time on the planet. Next concert is Jan 25, 7pm at 30 for Life, 2801 Roosevelt St.B. (Behind Wine Spot), Carlsbad, CA $20 by 1/18 $25 after 760 730-3303. Please send in a comment and visit my website at