Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sound Healing Echos

It's been 3 months since my return from Mysore, India. I hoped to hold on to the slow lilting rhythm I had grown to love while on my journey. It is still with me, at least in my mind and in my cellular memory. When, after a bustling day of sound healing sessions, marketing my Tibetan bowl concerts and attending to the business of my Tibetan bowl School, I close my eyes- then the drifting begins. At first I see/feel the silence of the early morning hours punctuated only by the beautifully haunting sound of chanting from the mosque near where I lived. It is as though I am there and my body responds with a deep contented sign. Then I recall the feel of walking through the streets on the way to the early morning yoga class. It is still dark and the barking of the street dogs come from every direction. Then I admire the soft and graceful sway of the women in their sari's, flowers fixed into the long braids down their backs who are on their way to gather the herbs they will sell on street corners. On the way back from yoga the town is in full swing and the sound of scooters, cows, children going to school, car horns and street vendors fill my ears. It is a gorgeous cacophony of sound textures.. All these linger in my body and mind. When I open my eyes I am back home in California. My heart feels a longing for just a little more time in India and I know I will be back there again.