Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tibetan Bowl School Advanced Class

The first Advanced 1 workshop of our Tibetan Bowl School took place in September. Students are serious about learning advanced skills that will make them not just adequate practitioners, but GREAT practitioners. You all know that my soap box is about the plethora of untrained sound healers who rely on intuition alone. No one would hire a massage therapist, a craniosacral therapist or a reflexologist who just relied on intuition. Intuition is great but it is not enough. Students that come out of this program will be well trained in the the Buddhist tradition that accompanies the instruments- so they use them correctly , understand elemental energy lines, how to co-create intensly effective visualizations for clients and how to work with the symbology of illness. They will have the highest quality hand hammered ancient instruments to work with as well. Want to get involved? Check us at at