Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sound Healing Tour Gift

Many people view concert touring as a romantic thing. That is certainly part of touring but a great deal of it is also driving huge distances, loading and unloading heavy equipment, sleeping on mats and having little choice about available healthy foods. It is a lot of hard work away from home and normally an excellent support to annual income too!  I just returned from a wonderful Tibetan bowl sound healing concert tour in the Sierra's  What a beautiful part of the country that is. The tour was a great success on many levels although the economic situation really made itself felt.  Part way through the tour I decided to let go of financial goals and dedicated this to be a  "Service tour" .  In that way I could totally give myself to the sound healing concerts and not think about or be dissappointed by the financial aspects.  The folks I met were wonderful, the weather beautiful, and bags of delicious fat red cherries were all over the little roads in farm stands.  I was gone for 12 days of concerts, workshops and private healing sessions.  In the end I did just fine financially, but the tour was the best ever because I was able to let go of that part of it.  One of the instruments I play during the tour is a Chiron gong.. an amazing instrument that through sound teaches us to 'see the gift in the wound" -- to transmute challenges into something for deepening... This tour was an opportunity for me to do just that and I feel so blessed.  Just wanted to share that with y'all.   Blessings.