Friday, September 28, 2007

Cancer Center Video

It is a good day when complimentary therapies are integrated into the mainstream. Cancer patients are receiving state of the art care at the San Diego Cancer Center. In addition to their traditional treatments they are offered my Tibetan bowl sound healing, acupuncture, massage, chi-gong and more. It is incredible when people come into my room connected to their chemo equipment and leave feeling like they don't have cancer at all because they are so relaxed and have connected to their wellness. Look at the video:( just after the Navy Blurb) There are links to the Cancer Center under the ‘Links’ tab above the info box. Visit my website at

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Single Bowl Technique

Breathing the Bowl is a simple yet powerful technique of playing Tibetan Singing bowls that enhances the texture, sound, and most importantly- your relationship with the bowl. In a recent class I offered at the San Diego Cancer Center participants were given bowls and shown how to sing them. They were determined to make the bowls sing. After several minutes of listening to chattering bowls and seeing signs of frustration I signaled the group to stop. I guided them into a meditative breath that had extended, audible exhalations. When people seemed to be in their breath I invited to keep the focus on the breath and begin to sing the bowls as an extension of self. The sound came up softly and slowly. The room was enveloped in rich, beautiful tones that felt soothing and peaceful. When we ended I asked what the difference was between the first and second attempt at playing the bowls. They reported that the 2nd time they felt the vibration throughout their entire bodies, a deep sense of peace, joy and that healing was happening. They said they felt there was no separation between the sound and the self. The first time the bowls were played as objects to be conquered. When we play the Himalayan bowls as an invitation to sound - the experience is expansive and nourishing and it is possible to feel the Oneness with the sound. Visit my site at:

Friday, September 7, 2007

Book Review:The Healing Power of Sound

The Healing Power of Sound by Dr.Mitchel Gaynor is like the sound healers bible. Dr. Gaynor started using sound many years ago when he met a Tibetan monk and was awed by the sound of the instruments and the effect on his body/mind/spirit. The book is an exploration into his personal transformation from traditional medicine to a more holistic approach and the research and work he has done with cancer patients over the years. Although I am an advocate for using the ancient Himalayan singing bowls rather than the modern glass ones, Gaynor uses them both along with toning and visualization for effective and healing treatments for his patients. If you are only going to get one book on sound healing... I would choose this one. For more information, services and products focusing on sound healing visit