Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sound Healing Ethics

Over the past couple of years so called sound healers have been popping up all over the world. Since there are no national standards for this modality yet, the range of practitioner skill goes from " I know how to hit the bowl" to "quite effective" and everywhere in between. In the realm of Tibetan bowls, Sound Energy Healing is opening a school in association with Sacred Sound Workshops to set a high standard of practice with certification for those who wish to use the sacred sound instruments in their healing practice. The course of study offers a home study course ( now available) , an intensive introductory hands on workshop and three advanced level workshops followed by an evaluation. The time frame for certification will be about 18 months-2 years and the location will be San Diego. The time in between workshops will ensure plenty of practice time for students. Our intention is to standardize a level of skill for anyone who uses these instruments outside of their own personal needs. Every other modality has a level of skill and hundreds of hours of practice required before receiving certification. We have observed a very low standard of practice among Tibetan bowl practitioners simply because most just make up what they do and how.. and that seems good enough for them. As I say, the website is under construction but anyone who wishes more detailed information can contact me at