Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sound Healing Podcast with Diane Mandle

Recently I discovered a fantastic website- Zentertainment Talk Radio hosted by Jo Davidson. Jo presents an impressive list of interviews with leading authors and pioneers in the field of energy work- all kinds of energy work. As she herself states, the site is: "all about discovering what is possible in any situation." And this from a person who has suffered severe physical setbacks. Tune into our conversation about Tibetan bowl sound healing. Jo asks really great questions!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sound Healing and Cancer

If you have cancer or know someone who does, tune into this teleclass which will discuss how Tibetan bowl sound healing can be used with cancer clients on Monday March 1, 6pm Pacific time. The subject is so rich it will probably involve more than one session. I have been working with cancer patients for about 6 years now and sound healing is so effective in the healing journey. Want to join in? Register online at Scroll down the page until you see the Teleclass section. Register by Feb 26.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jill Matson was a guest on my Sound Healing Teleclass. Her knowledge of sound, its history and worldwide practices is deep and stems from years of research. It is important that sound healers, whether working with Tibetan bowls or other forms of sound support one another. Please take some time to visit Jills website. For those who are interested in further study with the bowls- also have a look at

“Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing” is an extraordinary adventure filled with secrets from age-old cultures - along with the latest findings from today’s cutting-edge scientists - to take with Jill Mattson (author, composer, musician and artist). Her music and books glean techniques she discovered during her intense 17 year study of Antiquities and Secret Societies - who utilized sound as a profound tool to transform people’s consciousness and to create physiological changes in the brain - to dramatically heal mind, body and spirit. Ancient societies touted that music shaped people’s consciousness and could be designed for rapid spiritual growth. They designed music to balance astrological energy, energy of the seasons and to aid humanity in learning lessons. Ms. Mattson shares the precise ways that you can do the same things for yourself. She offers complementary sound healing mp3’s and sound healing newsletter at Take an audible journey into the heavens and listen to this spiritual and uplifting music at

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mind Traps

The last couple of days have been triggers for some very old stuff to come up. Just when we think we are past it, old stories come back up and it can be so discouraging to feel ourselves going backwards. Disappointment at ourselves for having the issue resurface, annoyance that we have to face it again, the pain of the issue itself and then of course- scornful self judgment that we are not bigger than all of this ( haven't I evolved at all??) So after 2 days of being in blue funk mode I realized that I had not gotten into any arguments because of my trigger, that I had performed all the intended tasks for that time period, that I had allowed myself the time to be silent so I could think about how to best express myself without shaming or blaming anyone else, that although I felt sad I was not running away from my feelings and that I recognized and stopped myself from spiraling into 'story' mode. Then I realized that in addition to being in the moment with my feelings, I was also watching myself live them and making choices about which way to go with things. This, I believe is an influence from working with the singing bowls over time. Perspective. I can see that I have grown and that even when old issues resurface, I respond differently and work through them much faster. Getting back into alignment as I go through my paces. Could it be the cellular memory of the Tibetan bowl vibrations that have strengthened my ablility to face challenges? I believe this to be true.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking for Venues

Every year I take several wonderful journeys to various places to offer Tibetan bowl sound healing concerts, workshops and private sessions. One of my favorite places is the Sierra Nevadas with the beautiful vistas, the charming towns, and when there is time, a stopover at Sierraville hot springs. I revisit places I have been and seek new venues. This year I plan to tour in May and would love some suggestions for new places: large yoga studios, churches, even small group gatherings. The idea is to travel up the coast from Encinitas then cross over to places like Folsom, Auburn, Reno and come back via Fresno... So anything around that route would be great. Sound energy healing is gaining more and more recognition internationally. I am committed to helping to educate people not only about the instruments, but also how Tibetan Buddhist principals influence how they are used. You can contact me at Thanks!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sarasvati's Dream Inspires Book

Alan Jordan has written a series of books and Diane Mandle's sound energy healing CD, Sarasvati's Dream has influenced his writing. Harmony is a forthcoming trilogy of science-fiction fantasy with collateral poetry and related non-fiction resources that explore the concepts of living in harmony with the Universe; Universal Knowledge; God; and the true nature of evil, love and the soul.

The books explore the potentials of consciousness using multiple ways of knowing. These include intuition, feeling, reason, the five human senses, and two additional senses that Jordan postulates “glow,” and “vibration.”

To see how Diane's healing music CD has influenced the material in his book Click Here

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Spirit of Sound

Last week I had the great fortune to be on a large sail boat in La Paz, Mexico. We spent a few
days out at sea and were delighted when a large pod of gray whales came near us to breach for about an hour. The sight of their huge bodies bounding in and out of the water was magnificent, but the booming sound of their voices silenced us. It was like a call from beyond time and space. It touched a part of my soul that recognized the connection to all things. Upon return home, this quote arrived on my computer:

" For there is nothing in this world that can help one spiritually more than music. Meditation prepares, but music is the highest for touching perfection."

Yesterday, I conducted a Tibetan bowl sound healing session with one of my cancer clients. She said that each visit is like a sound meditation that leaves her with a sense of infinity. I realize that is also what I felt in the presence of the whale calls. There are just so many opportunities to feel gratitude in this life.