Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking for Venues

Every year I take several wonderful journeys to various places to offer Tibetan bowl sound healing concerts, workshops and private sessions. One of my favorite places is the Sierra Nevadas with the beautiful vistas, the charming towns, and when there is time, a stopover at Sierraville hot springs. I revisit places I have been and seek new venues. This year I plan to tour in May and would love some suggestions for new places: large yoga studios, churches, even small group gatherings. The idea is to travel up the coast from Encinitas then cross over to places like Folsom, Auburn, Reno and come back via Fresno... So anything around that route would be great. Sound energy healing is gaining more and more recognition internationally. I am committed to helping to educate people not only about the instruments, but also how Tibetan Buddhist principals influence how they are used. You can contact me at Thanks!

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Sherry said...

We bought our son a Tibetan bowl for Christmas. He loves it. I am fascinated by the many ways we can connect with the divine conciousness, sounds, colors, light, touch, silence... I am a seeker always exploring other ways to find the inner spirit. I am sharing tools I've learned on Daily Spiritual Tools I would love your feedback. Namaste, Sherry