Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jill Matson was a guest on my Sound Healing Teleclass. Her knowledge of sound, its history and worldwide practices is deep and stems from years of research. It is important that sound healers, whether working with Tibetan bowls or other forms of sound support one another. Please take some time to visit Jills website. For those who are interested in further study with the bowls- also have a look at www.tibetanbowlschool.com

“Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing” is an extraordinary adventure filled with secrets from age-old cultures - along with the latest findings from today’s cutting-edge scientists - to take with Jill Mattson (author, composer, musician and artist). Her music and books glean techniques she discovered during her intense 17 year study of Antiquities and Secret Societies - who utilized sound as a profound tool to transform people’s consciousness and to create physiological changes in the brain - to dramatically heal mind, body and spirit. Ancient societies touted that music shaped people’s consciousness and could be designed for rapid spiritual growth. They designed music to balance astrological energy, energy of the seasons and to aid humanity in learning lessons. Ms. Mattson shares the precise ways that you can do the same things for yourself. She offers complementary sound healing mp3’s and sound healing newsletter at www.jillshealingmusic.com. Take an audible journey into the heavens and listen to this spiritual and uplifting music at www.jillswingsoflight.com.

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