Saturday, September 6, 2008

Re-Aligning with the Fundamental

Healing is simple, but not easy. Being in resonance with 'What Is' is being in harmony with nature. This includes being in resonance even with things we dislike. When resonance is established through intentionally opening to it, we may experience the Fundamental vibration of the Universe ( AUM- the vibration of Universal Perfection). We can neither chase nor force it; we can only receive it and in doing so, discover what it is.

Healing is not separating from a hindrance, it is opening fully to it, embracing, accepting and honoring it. Through the act of opening, the Fundamental is revealed. It is in the vibration of the Fundamental that the miracle of Spontaneous Healing can occur; when we awaken to how everything is interrelated; how even illness, car crashes and the worst news is an agent of healing. A challenge can illuminate our blind spots- our areas of vulnerability NOT to destroy us but to awaken us to those areas of ourselves so we may become whole. That we do by giving attention to and strengthening that part of ourselves. Healing is a spiritual awakening that impacts on our physical body and the whole of our lives. It is a transformation of consciousness.

For most of us there is so much resistance to opening to distress that we need tools, ambassadors to help us. Tibetan bowls, meditation, chanting and toning are just some of the wonderful tools available to help us cease interrupting the pattern of the Fundamental which exists in all things and reopen to the fullness that is our birthright.