Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Spirit of Sound

Last week I had the great fortune to be on a large sail boat in La Paz, Mexico. We spent a few
days out at sea and were delighted when a large pod of gray whales came near us to breach for about an hour. The sight of their huge bodies bounding in and out of the water was magnificent, but the booming sound of their voices silenced us. It was like a call from beyond time and space. It touched a part of my soul that recognized the connection to all things. Upon return home, this quote arrived on my computer:

" For there is nothing in this world that can help one spiritually more than music. Meditation prepares, but music is the highest for touching perfection."

Yesterday, I conducted a Tibetan bowl sound healing session with one of my cancer clients. She said that each visit is like a sound meditation that leaves her with a sense of infinity. I realize that is also what I felt in the presence of the whale calls. There are just so many opportunities to feel gratitude in this life.

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