Monday, August 20, 2007

How Sound Helps in the Healing Process

Healing is a movement from disharmony to harmony and the ability to perceive of oneself and ones situation from and in a much larger perspective (divine awareness) It is movement from duality to non-duality; a process where we are released from an ego centered finite perspective of ourselves in the world and move into our essence where our vibratory energy is connected with the universe. The journey of healing is a spiritual awakening that has profound consequences on our physical well being. As we awaken, our perspective shifts. As our perspective shifts, our vibration shifts. As our vibration shifts, our cellular make up shifts. The shifts can not occur as separate entities- they affect the whole of who we are and extend infinitely. This link between body and spirit has been much ignored by the medical profession but the link is quite clear.

Sound connects our body and spirit. How? We know that different pulses stimulate different brainwave centers and that we can create brainwave entrainment through a process of sympathetic resonance.We normally entrain or fall into vibrational step to the strongest vibrations in our immediate environment. Our body is a perfect transmitter of vibration, being 70% water. Further, nerve bundles in our spine transmit vibrational sensory data to our brain and limbic system ( emotional processing center) so placing bowls directly on the body significantly increases their effectiveness.

These bowls stimulate the pea-sized pineal gland in our brain stem, a light sensitive gland that is directly connected with our third eye and when activated becomes the line of communication with higher planes of consciousness. There is still a great deal to learn about the Pineal gland but one fascinating piece of information is that to activate the Third Eye, the Pineal Gland must vibrate in unison with the Pituitary body(located in center of skull). The Pituitary, links the endocrine and nervous system, releases hormones which affect growth and metabolism and sexual development. This gland presides over our autonomic system that regulates breathing, swallowing, heartbeat and other automatic functions. So to open the latch to higher planes of consciousness, this gland that is deeply rooted in things physical is has to vibrate in synch with the mystical Pineal gland. The spiritual and physical locked together. How is this Synchrony achieved? Through deep relaxation, and Theta meditative states such as achieved with the sound of the bowls. It is said that “as human beings continue to evolve further out of matter, on the journey from spirit to matter, back to spirit, the pineal gland will continue to rise from its state of age-long dormancy, bringing back to humanity astral capacities and spiritual abilities.

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