Saturday, July 14, 2007


I thought you might like to see some pix of the latest adventure. We biked 200 miles in 7 days up to 3600' in a loop that went from Nelson, BC , to Beauford, Kaslo, Winlaw, Castlegar and back to Nelson. The ride is spectacular but lots of steep hills. There are plenty of places to jump into the ice cold water and cool off. The last leg of the journey was biked in 108 degree scorching heat...But it was worth every moment. The New Zealand trip was a hiking pilgrimage and the air was filled with the sound of exotic birds. British Columbia is filled with the sound of running water.. Every kind, lakes, streams, babbling brooks, gurgling river beds, gushing rivers, waterfalls.. Every kind of water sound you can imagine follows you along this bike route.. A feast for the eyes and ears!

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