Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sound Healing Workshops at Cancer Center

Wow. I am excited. Just returned from a revitalizing bike trip in BC, Canada and am ready to offer some upcoming workshops at the San Diego Cancer Center. The workshops combine breath work, which is a vital part of helping clients there focus on self with intention, release toxins, and get into present moment. Between the effects of chemotherapy and the stress of having cancer it is easy to spin off into fear and be 'out of the body'. Breath work is like an anchor that keeps bringing us back to ourselves. If we can keep bringing ourselves back to it, then we are better containers for the healing sounds of the Tibetan instruments.

The workshops also combine visualizations and of course the harmonizing and soothing sound of the Tibetan bowls along with some gongs. Each workshop also has time for the participants to play the instruments and learn about their properties. I know that healing is taking ownership of all aspects of the self, so the ability to learn to use the instruments is a great way for people to engage in self healing too.

Workshops will be offered twice in July and August and then I will create a new schedule for the fall. A really exciting aspect of these workshops is that SignOn San Diego, the TV channel here will be doing a spot in their news hour on July 18th. The more exposure this modality gets, the better. Go to my site for more information at

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