Friday, November 16, 2007

Tibetan Bowl and the Dog

In Phoenix a few weeks ago, I was giving a Tibetan bowl workshop for a group of healers and veterinarians. One had a dog who recently had surgery and was wearing a cast on one leg. She asked me if she could bring the dog into the room during the sound healing meditation and cautioned me that he was very 'sound sensitive". The group decided it would be fine and as I had given a concert for dogs in the past felt that he would swiftly settle down and enjoy the meditation with everyone else. He was very agitated when he came in, sniffing, moving around, and generally doing everything but settling down. No matter, thought I, he will succumb in a moment. I began to play for the group. He appeared more agitated and would not stay stay down even with his master draped over him. The group was ignoring him and most everyone seemed to be able to, despite him, find a still point. But I was curious at his continued agitation. I finally took my large grounding bowl and began to sing it softly as I got up. "This is for you"I thought as I slowly walked toward him. Then he did an amazing thing. He looked at me for the first time, right in the eyes and never dropped his gaze. We were as if hooked together through the eyes. He backed down to his haunches and put his head on his front paws still looking at me and didn't move until I had finished. There was absolutely no doubt that he knew this moment was specifically for him. My even gentle striking of several bowls before was too much for him, He liked a single bowl; this single bowl. And he wanted the playing of it to be directed at him, not the group. He had been invited into the room as a special guest and he wanted his due! Everyone else, feeling the silence came out of their meditations and looked at us. When I finished playing no one moved, including him, until I finally dropped the gaze to resume the workshop. It was a glorious experience. Please send in your comments and visit my website

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