Friday, September 13, 2013

Diane Mandle reviews How To Create With Spirit

My Personal Review

In  How To Create With Spirit : Awakening the Harmony Within,  Eugenia Oganova tackles the questions, life choices, belief systems and challenges of developing higher consciousness in every day life.  Her book is divided into sections that combine narrative with clear explanations that support her claims.  

 As much as I like this book and agree with many of her comments,  Ms Oganova makes declarations of Truths, that seem to be based in science, but nothing in her book is documented, and there are no references to anything but her own beliefs  presented as reality. There is no credit given to any other authors or works that might have influenced or contributed to her knowledge base.  I find that odd.

That being said, the book is well organized with major chapters broken down into areas of emotion, physicality, spirituality, esoteric, energy, mental, cognitive fields and more. The discussion within each sub-topic is  logical, accessible and free from new age fluff language.  As I read through it, I find myself nodding in agreement and delight as she breaks down the concepts and belief systems that keep people imprisoned in their own realities.  

This is a book about empowerment in every sense of the word and presented in a manner that most people can not only relate to, but also embrace. 

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Nikki said...

Thank you for the review Diane -- I've heard a number of interesting perspectives on Awakening the Harmony Within and most of your comments are similar. The book was written to help people make positive changes in their lives - and that is a message I can also definitely get behind.