Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I have been taking tap classes.. Yep- something fun to do that taxes the brain and the feet. It's great to be creating dynamic rhythmic patterns and I now find that the sound of the patterns stay in my mind for a long time. One thing that is great about learning new things is the opportunity to examine our thoughts -to make sure they are encouraging and positive even when faced with challenges and insecurity. We humans learn by repetition- steps, words, thoughts, actions. Over time the work done with sound energy healing with the Tibetan bowls has greatly transformed my own thoughts and actions and because of it learning new things is a source of great fun rather than frustration. Sound healing brings us back to our essence again and again and that helps have a positive perspective for whatever we do.


Elentari said...

:) hey nice blog ...i also have a tibetan bowl blog..would you like to exchange links? your blog looks very cool :)

take alook at mine and let me know http://tibetanbowl.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

You can check out my home study course Ancient Sounds for a New Age. It is an introduction to the instruments but not only that.. it brings the thought process that is essential for a healer. Anyone can play bowls and anyone can learn a few layouts....but there is a vast difference between just using intuition and really learning the skills, layouts and especially understanding the cultural principals behind playing these instruments. The course is a prerequisite for attending the school but it will really give anyone a good foundation. Also- thanks for posting my Tibetan Bowl School video on your blog. Nice blog!! Sure lets exchange links. How?