Monday, August 17, 2009

New Theraputic Tibetan Bowl Meditation CD

Finally, I got this done just before leaving on my month long journey to Europe ( in another post) I wanted to make a cd that would help my clients to continue the healing work we did in private sessions as well as for those who cannot get a private. The idea was to create an atmosphere that would put the listner into a deep meditative state and to stregthen specific aspects of themselves. I wanted to make the spoken part of the cd totally positive and inspiring to the spirit and say those words in a context of sacred sound that would take hold in the subconscious. So here it is.

Being Well: The Journey. Guided meditations by Diáne Mandle w/Tibetan Bowls, Gongs & Sacred Sound Instruments. Each 15-20 minute recording within this series is designed to reawaken and strengthen as specific area of consciousness that can help the listener access wholeness.(Opening the Heart, Becoming Whole, Inner Healer ) The instruments are played with patterns of sacred geometry and tones that best support the issue) To order go to

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