Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tibet: Responding to a Tragedy

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says" Adopting an attitude of universal responsibility is essentially a personal matter. The real test of compassion is not what we say in abstract discussions, but how we conduct ourselves in daily lives"

There is so much tragedy in the world today. We could get thoroughly depressed. Or we could acknowledge our feelings and take an action- holding fast to the belief that what we do, however small does have an impact. It may not be visible in our lifetimes, but that must not sabotage the knowledge that we are effecting change. In the case of Tibet, to speak out against the unthinkable wrongdoings that are going on is an act of compassion towards both ourselves and the people of Tibet. When we acknowledge our feelings and make a positive choice about how to respond to them, this is an action of self compassion- and when that choice also benefits others it is an act of universal compassion.

Sound your voices. Here are some places to go to do that: www.freetibet.org, www.savetibet.org

You can visit my website at http://www.soundenergyhealing.com

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