Thursday, April 17, 2008

Silence in Sound Healing

Tibetan bowls have such beautiful overtones and beneficial vibrations it is tempting to strike them over and over again. But I consider Silence as a major player in sessions. In general people strike the bowls too loud, too fast and too often. Silence has texture, weight and purpose. In a sound healing session it is the place where consciousness extends into that delicious sense of expanding/dissolving into eternity. When a bowl is struck.. let the sound linger. In our society, we are uncomfortable with silence and so must train ourselves to relax into it a bit more. Remember that when a bowl is struck around the head, the receiver hears them longer and louder than you do. The bowls were created to expand and transform our consciousness... Silence is where that happens.

'Out of silence comes the sound
Awakening the fullness of my heart.
One still point- Then another
Mirroring the musings of love.
Sound, then Sound-less-ness
Carrying me further into a place
That has no name
But is known as 'OM'

( from my Return to OM CD)

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