Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tibetan Singing Bowls

There are so many kinds of Himalayan (Tibetan) singing bowls and a variety of qualities as well. Some sound sweet but the sound have no longevity. Some have great energy but are not harmonious with other bowls. Some are more geared to consciousness transformation and some to physical healing. Some are great sound healing practitioner quality and some are Master quality.. It is hard to know what to get. Every bowl we sell is of the highest quality and comes with an education . Visit our  Tibetan Bowls School


Unknown said...

I consider that the info you've provided here is just fantastic. Also I own a blog page but I cover stuff like knuckle lift and other related items.ENERGY HEALING.

Unknown said...

Tibetan Singing bowls and Tibetan Himalayan bowls are a very ancient process of healing with sounds. For many diseases it is undoubtedly good. But sound therapy has now become more precise after the researches of many more healing sound frequencies for various diseases.