Friday, July 6, 2012

Sound Energy Healing

We listen and work with Tibetan singing bowls to shift our perception from our seduction into past or future 'stories' and 'fear' to present moment.  Even the simple act of just listening with focused attention to the singing bowls brings us into a kind of sound healing meditation that is about "right now". When we are in present moment and not in the clutches of one story or the other, we can see things in a clear manner and respond rather than react.  To learn more about the sacred sound family of instruments visit

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Unknown said...

Healing with sounds was practiced since ages which comprised of sounds of flute, bowls, chanting of mantras etc. But Sound therapy is more precise in the field of natural therapies. Healing with sounds improves and transforms a range of physical and emotional states. There are certain sounds of the nature which relieves and rejuvenate human mind and soul like sounds of river or sea waves, waterfalls, chanting of “OM” and mantras, wind chimes and bells. Healing sounds can be incorporated into many types of healing methods, such as meditation.