Thursday, October 13, 2011

Being in the moment----really

OK so I always stop halfway through my Sierra tour at the Sierraville hotsprings. It is a fabulous, funky but very lovely spot on 900 acres of pristine wooded hills and praries. The springs themselves present in several forms... a beautiful outdoor warm pool built into a deck and natural hot tub in a wooden dome overlooking the valley peppered with cows and surrounded by mountains; claw footed bathtubs all over the property with tubes of hot mineral water running into them,; a silence only meditation pool in the woods that is a sandy bottomed stone encircled hole in the ground! It is all great and I stay there in exchange for presenting a short tibetan bowls sound healing workshop and mini-concert. So it is now evening and the event is about to begin only there is no way to dim the lights in the room. I suggest that people (who are all on their backs ready for the concert) cover their eyes with something. The next time I look up, one young woman has taken my message to heart of 'being totally in present moment and available to life as it comes." She has nothing to cover her eyes with and simply removes her dress to do so and remains comfortably sprawled out on the floor totally naked. I can only smile.

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