Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A few nights ago I went to hear Sogyal Ripoche speak. He is a well known Tibetan Buddhist teacher who wrote the Tibetan Book of Living and Dieing. The lecture was about controlling the mind and was fascinating and simple at the same time. That seems to be true of many Buddhist teachings..He said that to transform the mind we had to understand its true nature.. Well- what the heck is that?? It is a mind free from grasping, endless thoughts, emotions and stories; those things that create Samsara where we are lost in the projections of the mind.

The true nature of the mind, he said, is Nirvana- the mind turned inward; a state of non-distraction. The absence of "I" within actions taken.

In thinking about this I realized that this is exactly the state of mind I speak of to my Tibetan bowl sound healing students when I describe "Presencing". Presencing is the ability to be with a client with no agenda, with full attention towards them. Most of us can relate to the notion of "holding the space", for something. The true nature of the mind then must be like holding the space for oneself. Just being present to what is without attachment, projection, or stories. This state of non distraction can also be described as meditation-- active or passive. Either way it is a good place to be.

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