Monday, March 1, 2010

Toning Workshop

I just attended an Overtoning workshop with Wayne Perry. He has written some excellent books on the subject and his cd's have also been instrumental in helping to learn overtoning basics. The workshop itself was disappointing because of the teaching style. Teaching is different than making music, or writing-- and the style of his presentations just did not sit well with me. However, there were several wonderful gems to be had. One was the ability to tone ones name the way it was said as a child with all the negative connotations ( ie.when we were in trouble) Also including the adaptations of our name we didn't especially enjoy-- or used to make fun of us. After energetically repeating our name that way for a minute or so..enough time to release the energy of it, we toned our name the way we want to hear it now.. respectfully, sweetly, appreciatively etc. An adaptation of that activity is something I use in my private tibetan bowl sound healing sessions to help clients release pain - physical or emotional. They make the sound of the pain and then replace it with a soothing sound. It is surprisingly powerful. I would love to hear from those of you who do the name exercise above. Do send in your experiences.
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Rain Gray said...

Thanks for your blog post. Yes, sometimes people with wonderful insights do not deliver them in an easy to grasp form. Anyway, the "gems" are worth the effort.