Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fundraiser for Tibetan Temple

It was an awesome place to do a sound healing concert. A huge home in San Diego with gardens, fountains, enormous fireplaces and expansive rooms. Setting up my Tibetan singing bowls and Chiron gong I had a feeling that the instruments were longing to sing. When Drupon Samten Rinpoche arrived with his assistant and set up Tibetan flags, jewelry and other items to sell, the setting felt complete. I played for an hour and as expected the bowls and gongs sang out like old friends. The best part was how well Rinpoche was able to express what I was doing with the instruments after the concert. He said that the music was an expression of beauty and peace. The gong I play in a textural manner and then expands into a crescendo of sound. Rinpoche said that our egos need to be overcome and the loud sound did just that- quieting the ego and allowing us to just feel ourselves in space/time without anything else going on. It was a lovely and accessible description of what I was doing. After that he offered a meditation and New Year Blessing. A perfect end to a wonderful day.

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