Monday, March 16, 2009

Sound Healing and Animals

A special teleclass on Sound Healing for Animals will be held Tues ,April 7th, 6pm The focus of this class, sponsored by Diane Mandle's Tibetan bowl Sound healing school, is how to use sound with animals for healing purposes. Anne Smith VMD is the guest presenter. Anne has been working with animals for over 20 years and has successfully used the sacred sound instruments with both large and small critters. We conducted a presentation together a while back in Phoenix for 45 dogs and their owners. Anne talked about the 'trigger point's in animals and how that shifts with exposure to vibrational sound instruments. She also introduced the group to several pets she had worked with to see exceptional changes in them. This class is only an hour but if there is enough interest I will offer another session at a later date. To save time, Anne will answer questions that have been sent ahead of time. Don't delay. Please in your questions or comments that relate to the topic to REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS April 3rd. No exceptions. $20

To Register: or call 760-944-3441

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