Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tibetan Bowl School News

The last of the Tibetan bowl school June Intro classes was completed on June 20/21. It was evident from the students that most people do not know how to choose quality instruments. Students arrived with their collection of tingshas and bowls to show me with hopes of adding to their collections after the course. There were a few good bowls in the group but most of the bowls that came into the class had a tinny sound, few and faint harmonic overtones and the sound of the instruments faded away quickly. This is not the quality one would desire for sound healing sessions. Tingshas were suitable for getting attention but completly unacceptable for use as a diagnostic tool. They had a great deal of chatter, no lingering tone, and felt piercing rather than awakening in texture. During the weekend when students had the opportunity to listen to really good quality instruments, they began to hear tones and textures that they had not heard before. It was the first time for many of them that they were able to assess quality of sound. This was a great revelation to them and will serve them well for future selection of the sacred sound instruments.

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Unknown said...

Tibetan Singing bowls and Tibetan Himalayan bowls are a very ancient process of healing with sounds. For many diseases it is undoubtedly good. But sound therapy has now become more precise after the researches of many more healing sound frequencies for various diseases.